Considering a ductless air conditioner for your Pittsburgh home? Here’s what to know.

When it comes to determining the best heating and cooling system for your Pittsburgh home or business, there are several options. One of those options– ductless air conditioning- offers a number of perks, including better energy efficiency and, possibly, lower energy bills. At Triangle Air Conditioning, we provide a number of ductless air conditioning solutions, all designed to fit the specific needs of our customers. While less traditional than other air conditioning systems, ductless air can be a wonderful choice for homeowners looking for high efficiency cooling and heating options that won’t break the bank, or for those that enjoy the idea of separate heating or cooling control for each room in the house with a mini split setup.

A ductless air conditioner is great for Pittsburgh homes without ductwork

If your home is older and hasn’t been remodeled, there’s a possibility that it hasn’t been fitted with modern ductwork. A ductless air conditioner is a great way to bypass the problems that come with this. With a ductless air conditioner, air is delivered directly into the room that needs it, and doesn’t go through any ducts as is the case with traditional central air conditioning setups. To expel humid, warm air, the evaporator unit sits on the wall of the room being cooled and essentially “sucks” the warm air out of the room before depositing it via conduit to the external condenser. With the other alternative being a refit of the entire home with custom ductwork, many Pittsburgh customers find the ductless solution to be much more practical, timely, and efficient.

Zoning problems can be a thing of the past

Zoning, or the concept of making sure each room gets its own supply of indoor air, can often be a problem with traditional HVAC setups. When central air conditioning blows air into rooms through ductwork, a small percentage of air often leaks and never gets to its intended destination. This can, at the very least, result in rooms of varied temperature, and, at most, be incredibly costly for the homeowner. However, with air conditioners that work through a mini split system, the risk of lost air becomes minimal, and each room can be controlled directly. This means all rooms can be regulated to specific temperatures– and rooms that are not in use can be turned off or up to minimize costs. Additionally, ductless systems can compensate for incorrectly built ductwork throughout an older home.

You’ll save money, time, and energy

Though the upfront costs of a ductless air conditioning system may be a bit higher for homes with existing ductwork, many Pittsburgh homeowners find a ductless air conditioner to be the perfect blend of functionality and practicality for their homes. If you’re interested in exploring ductless AC options, the team at Triangle Air Conditioning can help. We’ve been the experts in Pittsburgh HVAC systems for generations, and we can help you assess which air conditioners will work best for your particular HVAC system. Contact us today to start a conversation!