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    The Benefits of UV Light For Your Home

    A UV light can kill germs and bacteria on sight

    Ultraviolet may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to sterilization and disinfection for your indoor air, but it should be. Germicidal UV lamps are a relatively new entry to the HVAC scene, and they’ve revolutionized how HVAC pros help your home’s air systems kill germs, bacteria and viruses. The air purification process is only as good as the tools we have available, and ultraviolet light is one tool with the capacity to do wonders for your home. When used in conjunction with more traditional air purifiers, ultraviolet lights can rid your home’s air of nasty pathogens, microbes, and microorganisms that often develop from mold and mold spores too small to be seen in the visible light spectrum. If you’re looking for safe, high intensity air purification solutions that are both affordable and effective, a UV light or UV lamp should be your number one choice.

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      Ultraviolet radiation uses Earth’s natural cleaning properties

      Just like UV radiation from the sun kills pathogens and bacteria in outdoor air, measured amounts of UV light in a much smaller area like your home can do the same thing. The human eye can only see a fraction of the dust in and around an area at any given time, but UV wavelengths capture everything. If you’re familiar with a blacklight, then you’ve seen the difference a UV wavelength can make. When it comes to your home, UV lights work by killing mold on contact, and preventing mold from growing wherever the lights reach. An HVAC system is often cool and damp, and can be a perfect place for mold to grow and harbor bacteria. With  ultraviolet rays penetrating and preventing mold growth, you’ll enjoy significantly cleaner air, for longer– along with a more efficient and less costly HVAC system.

      The sterilizing effects of ultraviolet lamps and UV rays also apply to areas of your home that the equipment can’t see. By placing ultraviolet lamps and lights in key positions in and around your HVAC system, cleaner, mold-free air will flow throughout the entire house, free of any contaminant or microorganism that would have otherwise entered your home. You don’t need  UV lights all over the house to do the trick. Having just a few in the right places reduces your risk of exposure to UV radiation to practically nothing, while keeping the entire HVAC system clean and clear of mold!

      UV disinfection is safe, affordable, and quick to install

      The earth’s atmosphere has taught us quite a few things about disinfecting, and leveraging what we’ve learned makes the installation of UV lights simple, easy, safe, and affordable for our customers.

      You don’t have to worry about overexposure, gamma rays, or harmful effects from the installation of UV lights because, just like the ozone layer protects the earth from the sun, the atmosphere inside your home shields you from anything harmful. Your UV exposure with lights installed is little more than the exposure you’d receive from opening the blinds to let a little sun in.

      Additionally, since UV and black light technology isn’t new, we’re able to provide it at an incredibly low cost to our customers. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel to bring you the benefits of UV light technology.

      Finally, with highly trained techs that remain on the cutting edge of HVAC technology, we’ve been able to drastically shorten the time it takes to install a system of UV bulbs, and can often finish the entire job in just a few hours!

      UV light is an incredibly effective, chemical free way to boost your indoor air quality with ease. Contact our team of experts today to get your UV light system installed in hours!