When you have a working AC, it’s a weight off your shoulders as you try to deal with the Pittsburgh heat. However, when your AC isn’t running efficiently, it can be hard to see the signs, and you can potentially cost yourself money and discomfort.

It’s good to be sure your unit is working properly to prevent it from giving out on one of the hot summer days we frequent here.

Research has shown a direct link between well-being and temperature – being too hot can directly affect your diet, health, sleep patterns, and more. Be sure you’re ready for the hottest months of the year with Triangle AC’s signs your AC isn’t running efficiently!

1. Inconsistent temperatures 

Zoning aside, noticing increasingly different temperatures between the rooms in your home is a sure sign that your unit isn’t running efficiently, and could even mean the unit’s life is coming to an end. If your unit is supposed to be controlling the temperature of multiple rooms, it’s time to look into what’s causing the inconsistencies.

2. Your unit runs frequently

It’s normal for an automatic unit to run in cycles of 15 minutes a few times per hour. If your unit is running on and off for shorter or longer periods of time, there’s a good chance your ac isn’t running efficiently.

In general, if you notice your unit is running inconsistently, it’s probably time to contact your local HVAC professionals for help.

3. Your AC is older

Like any unit, as it gets older, it loses its “newness.” This can result in the loss of power or efficiency. If your unit is more than a decade old, it’s probably time to get a new one. Holding onto an older unit can cause energy bills to rise and is more likely to stop working all of a sudden or need frequent maintenance.

4. High energy bills

As mentioned above, higher energy bills are a big sign that your unit isn’t working efficiently. Be sure to keep an eye on the cost you’re paying for your AC unit and make sure it remains consistent throughout the months it gets the most use.

Of course, you’ll use it more in July than September, but any astronomical difference is a good way to see if your AC is running efficiently.

5. Frequent maintenance

With the exception of air filter changes and other minor maintenance, your AC shouldn’t require a fix every few weeks or months. If you find yourself calling a professional every other week, your AC probably needs to be replaced. 

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