5 Tips For Better Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air quality is often overlooked in a home. From dust and pollen to pet dander and mold, these things in a home can cause allergy flare-ups or even worse health problems.  There’s nothing quite like the humidity here in Pittsburgh, either, allowing little opportunity for comfortable breathing indoors. In addition to your home HVAC

Signs Your AC Isn’t Running Efficiently

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When you have a working AC, it’s a weight off your shoulders as you try to deal with the Pittsburgh heat. However, when your AC isn't running efficiently, it can be hard to see the signs, and you can potentially cost yourself money and discomfort. It’s good to be sure your unit is working properly

What To Do When Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

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If you find your AC develops a leaking problem, your first instinct is probably to panic. However, as long as you remain proactive in the situation, you’re already off to a great start.  There are a few reasons an AC unit will start leaking, and some are even quick fixes that can be done at

Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home

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Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home Since higher humidity decreases energy efficiency, it is a good idea to try to decrease humidity at home naturally if possible. One great way to eliminate this issue is to buy a dehumidifier or install an AC. While that is a sure fix for most humid areas, it

The Best Way to Cool Your Space with Triangle AC

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The Best Way to Cool Your Space with Triangle AC When you're looking for quality AC service here in Pittsburgh, it is important to understand everyone has different needs. Triangle AC gives you a customized approach to meeting your goals for your space by offering different types of services such as HVAC cooling, heating, smart thermostats,

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