Struggling with how to cool a room without AC in Pittsburgh?

As the summer approaches and Pittsburgh begins to heat up, using an air conditioner will become more of a necessity for those that have one. In Pittsburgh, summer temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and having an A/C unit is critical to staying cool and comfortable. If you don’t have an A/C unit that penetrates every room of your home, however, there are options. While we always suggest having an improperly installed HVAC system inspected and replaced  by our local Pittsburgh pros, sometimes taking a few simple measures can help decrease internal temperatures until you can have that inspection completed. At Triangle Air Conditioning, we’re not just interested in providing air conditioning services– we’re interested in helping you stay comfortable, first and foremost. While the following tips are in no way comprehensive, they’re among the easiest ways to keep your home cool and avoid the worst of the Pittsburgh heat!

Invest in as many fans as you can

A home needs proper ventilation channels in order for indoor air to pass through efficiently. If you don’t have an HVAC system that’s sucking in warm, stale air and replacing it with cool, fresh air in all of your rooms, a fan can be the next best thing. Traditional indoor fans and ceiling fans can push the warmer air away from you, while circulating cooler air where you need it most. Additionally, you can place fans inside windows and point them outwards to push warm air outside of the house, much like a window air conditioner. This works especially well for upstairs space, where heat may be trapped. When looking for the best fan for your home or particular room, consider a consultation from a knowledgeable HVAC team like ours. With years of experience making homes more comfortable, we’ve got the resources to help you choose the best, most effective brands for your budget and needs.

Circulate your indoor air when it’s cooler outside

As temperatures typically fall during Pittsburgh nights, opening windows to let warmer air escape can be a perfect way to lower temperatures in a room that’s been hot all day. Once the room cools down significantly, close the windows to trap the cooler air in. This will keep the room at a bearable temperature overnight, and allow it to start off at a cooler temperature in the morning. If you have an AC unit that keeps the other parts of your home cool, and you’re looking to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, you can close the door to the room you’re ventilating to prevent cool air from simply flowing out of the window. While some air will still leak, you’ll retain much more of it in the rooms you want to cool.

Reduce heat output from appliances and activities

Sometimes, the simplest way to cool a room without AC is the most effective. Using appliances like an oven or a stove can increase the amount of warm air in the house as a whole, and hot showers can increase both humidity and heat. If you’re absolutely unable to invest in an HVAC inspection by a local Pittsburgh professional, try to limit your use of appliances that will introduce a lot of heat. Cook outside or take out when possible, eat cool, simple foods, and limit time taking hot showers, or partially substitute them with cool showers. As exercising inside can also increase body heat, consider an outside run or a gym day to get your workout in. Of course, how much these practices will impact the temperature in the room without air conditioning depends on a number of factors, including, obviously, where the room is in relation to appliances and activities. But if you’re really looking for a cooler room, these practices definitely won’t hurt!

Here at Triangle Air Conditioning, we specialize in fast, affordable, quality air conditioning service in and around Pittsburgh. With decades of experience as Pittsburgh’s leaders in air conditioner repair and replacement, we’re well equipped to help you cool your entire home without breaking the bank. Contact us today for a free quote, and to see what we can do for you!