Did You Know These 3 Facts About Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality is something often overlooked by homeowners. The simple fact of the matter is the worst air quality you run into every day could very well be in your own home. So, what does this mean? It means your health is at risk.

Poor indoor air quality could lead to asthma, headaches, and irritation in your eyes, throat, and nose. Additionally, this could be a cause for concern if you are getting sick frequently.

So, what causes poor air quality? Typically, anything that emits gas, odor, or smoke can negatively impact indoor air quality. This could mean smoking cigarettes, lighting fireplaces, and even harsh cleaning products could be potentially damaging to your health and impact the air you breathe in every day. 

Some aspects may not even be due to your choices. Air pollutants can be caused by sources outside your home and come in through your windows without you knowing.

Besides the obvious health risks, there are other facts you should know about indoor air quality.

1. It is a top-five environmental risk to public health

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollutants can be 2 to 5 times greater than ones found outdoors. 

These high levels of pollutants can be from candles, air fresheners, cleaning products, etc., and can stick around and cause damage long after their use. 

2. We spend almost 90% of our time indoors

This means while our weekend hiking trips are a good refresher for us, that 10% of the time outdoors in the fresh air doesn’t cancel out the 90% that we spend indoors. While not everyone may spend as much time outdoors, the bottom line is we all spend the majority of it inside. 

All of that time can cause us to be blind to our surroundings. You may be able to smell poor indoor air quality as an outsider into a new home, but when it’s all around you all day long, you aren’t as aware of it. This makes it harder to be proactive about your indoor air quality and the health of you and your family.

3. Indoor air quality solutions are easier to come by than you think

Ready to throw your candles away and never use an air freshener again? Probably not. 

The good news is there are solutions to improve indoor air quality — and they don’t require you to rethink your whole life and miss out on things you enjoy. The best solution when combating poor air quality is installing a system to help dehumidify the space and filter out unwanted particles and dust, purifying the air you breathe. 

What’s even better is that Triangle AC is equipped to help you with your HVAC needs! We offer air filtration, air purification, ventilation, and dehumidification. 

We have years of experience in helping the residents of Pittsburgh breathe better air inside their homes and live more comfortably. 

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