How to prepare your HVAC system for spring 

Is your HVAC system prepared for spring?

While it doesn’t take much to prepare ourselves for spring, aside from changing our apparel and getting started on yardwork, our HVAC systems are a different story. 

When transitioning from freezing cold temps to warm, sunny days, your HVAC system needs to be adjusted and prepped accordingly. Here are some things to do to ensure your system is prepared as we spring into Spring!

1. Air filters – you guessed it!

If you’re wondering if it’s time to change your air filter, it probably is. While you should already be doing this regularly, it is especially important to do so in spring, as winter tends to be the prime time for dust and debris to be around.

Before you can focus on baseball games and barbecues, it’s important to ensure your air filters are clean and ready to start helping cool your home!

2. Check vents and ducts

When we talk about debris and dust running rampant, this doesn’t just mean it hides in your air filter! Your vents, registers, and any other aspects of your HVAC system can also fall victim to these things, leaving your system at risk of circulating it throughout your home, and your family at risk of allergies and sickness.

3. Schedule your spring maintenance

The best way to ensure your HVAC system is ready for spring is to schedule maintenance with your trusted HVAC company. They can help you prevent many potential problems by getting you ready to go with a simple tune-up before you start. 

This also gives you peace of mind in case you need maintenance done on your unit. You can quickly call up your local HVAC company and get the problem fixed in a timely manner. 

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