Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home

Since higher humidity decreases energy efficiency, it is a good idea to try to decrease humidity at home naturally if possible. One great way to eliminate this issue is to buy a dehumidifier or install an AC. While that is a sure fix for most humid areas, it may not be in the budget for everyone, or it may not work for the space you have.

Luckily, there are ways to decrease humidity naturally in a home.

Though this may seem hard, there are a few simple habits you can get into that will help you beat the heat, especially while living in the Pittsburgh area!

Prevent Moisture from Entering your Home

The first step to reducing humidity is to make sure you are preventing moisture from entering your home. Doing things like covering crawl space floors and making sure you are running fans in especially damp areas, such as a basement, mudroom, etc. is a great start.

Open the window

Though not possible in every single room of a house usually, opening windows is a great way to promote airflow throughout an especially humid room. This helps especially in a kitchen if you cook or bake a lot.

Tip: A lot of stoves and ovens come with fans built in to prevent this humidity! Be sure to utilize them after each use.

Run a fan

If possible, running a fan in a room is another great way to circulate the air and prevent it from feeling damp and sticky. An overhead fan is a great addition to any room to prevent the problem in the first place.

If you don’t have a light fixture with a fan, try a standing oscillating fan to cool an area down. Bathroom exhaust fans are a great way to cut down on humidity, too!

Grow plants

Growing indoor plants that remove moisture from the air is one commonly overlooked solution.  Some plants, such as ferns, reduce humidity as they sit in your room. This is a great and natural way to combat the problem as well as save money. Plus, you get some decor to spruce up your room!

On the same token, some plants actually release moisture into the air. This could be one reason why you have humidity in the first place! Be sure to read up on the proper care for plants and not to over-water them. You can always leave plants outside on very hot days.

Take shorter and colder showers

Taking shorter and colder showers is another great way to reduce humidity in an area, especially since bathrooms are usually prone to trapping moisture. By doing this, you eliminate the sticky area from being trapped inside.

There are many benefits to a low-humidity home, such as a better overall smell and a decrease in allergies. By reducing humidity, you promote a more comfortable living space as well as a more energy-efficient one.

For help with your humidity problems, contact us today! With decades of experience keeping Pittsburgh’s homeowners comfortable, we’re the team to trust for any and all heating repair needs!