Trying to find the best Pittsburgh AC companies?

Pittsburgh can be a hot, hot place if you don’t have the proper AC system. But with so many AC companies to choose from in and around Pittsburgh, how do you know which company is right for your needs? Here at Triangle Air Conditioning, we’ve been the Pittsburgh area’s premier choice for AC and HVAC repair and replacement for over fifty years. One of the reasons our customers choose us is because we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure they’re comfortable. Finding the best AC companies in Pittsburgh doesn’t have to be a long, hard process. By following a few simple best practices, you can source the company that’s just right for your needs, your budget, and your expectations!

Look for a track record of excellence

As a service company, a track record means a lot. Customers deal directly with service companies to get, well, service. Customers that have good experiences typically share their experiences with others, and those with negative experiences do the same. The best way to determine if the AC companies you’re considering are up to par is to find reviews and complaints about these companies on the web. Here at Triangle Air Conditioning, for instance, we’re actually the only AC company in the Pittsburgh area with nothing but five star reviews. This is an indicator that our services are consistently excellent, and that we’d likely be a good fit to help you solve your AC problem as well. Other companies may not have a full 5 star rating, but they may specialize and excel in providing the services you need for your particular AC unit. A track record of excellence speaks to the longevity of the company, and its commitment to its customers.

Consider the value of services offered

While every AC company prices services a little differently, the value of the service should tell you a lot about the company as a whole. If one of the AC companies you’re interested in has good reviews but high pricing, it could be for a reason. Their pricing may allow them to better train staff or offer more custom solutions. On the other hand, if their competitor also has good reviews, but pricing is much lower, perhaps the first choice is just overpriced. To get a gauge of services and their costs, considering calling around for an estimate on the service you want. Good companies will have no problem offering you a competitive price and walking you through their process. Compare these prices and make a decision based on the company you think will provide you with the most value.

Ask friends and family

Pittsburgh may be a big city, but it certainly has a small town feel. Chances are if you need air conditioning service in your area, there are a few AC companies on everyone’s short list. Contact a friend or family member that’s recently had service done, and ask them what their experience was like. Requesting the opinion of someone you trust can be a solid way to save time and headache searching for yourself. Alternatively, search Facebook for information on AC companies in your area. Forums and chats on AC recommendations are plentiful, and can help you narrow down your choices tremendously.

When you need AC service, trying to find the best AC companies in Pittsburgh truly doesn’t have to be difficult. Companies like ours, the only 5 star rated HVAC company in Pittsburgh, are only a phone call away!