A Rooftop HVAC System Could Be Your Business’s Savior This Winter

Does your business have a rooftop HVAC system? 

Nothing kills an employee’s morale more than discomfort. While they may not explicitly tell you if they’re uncomfortable, it will reflect in their performance at work. After all, how can you focus on helping customers when your hands are so cold you’re struggling to type? Or, you’re wearing layers underneath your uniform, causing it to be difficult to move the way you need to.

When it comes to HVAC for a business, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A rooftop HVAC system may be the solution your business needs for comfort and safety in the day-to-day workspace. Here are some reasons these units are worth their weight in gold!

A rooftop HVAC system offers high energy performance

Rooftop units are generally larger, louder, but also offer higher energy performance than a typical unit. These units specialize in reduced energy use due to the variety of controls they’re equipped with. This is just the first of many bonuses these units offer!

They also offer more security

How many strangers have access to your rooftop at your business? The answer– not many. When your HVAC system is left in plain sight, though, this can lead to issues, such as damage or vandalism from strangers. 

A rooftop HVAC system offers the security you need to ensure your investment is protected from things out of your control and costly repairs!

Rooftop HVAC systems save space

The great thing about rooftop HVAC systems is you don’t have to worry about finding a spot for them inside the building. Besides, who honestly has an extra room in the building they can use for equipment? Probably no one.

When opting for a rooftop unit, you save yourself space, and possibly even renovations. Instead of making room in your already crammed office and basement, choose a rooftop HVAC unit for less stress and more space.

They offer less disruptive noise

On a similar note, HVAC systems can be loud and disruptive to the people around them. This can significantly impact the way business is done–– and can even hinder it! 

Beat the noise and choose a rooftop HVAC system for your business. Don’t settle for background noise that interrupts calls and conversations! 

Rooftop HVAC systems offer easier maintenance 

On the topic of disruption, can you imagine how prevalent it would be if every time you needed your unit serviced, the repair team would have to weave through your building where employees are working just to get where they needed to go? Then, on top of that – we’re back to the noise issue.

The repair team needs to do their job, your company needs to do its job– and both often require focus and minimal noise to be done efficiently. 

This winter, consider getting a rooftop HVAC system installed by the team at Triangle AC. 

We have years of experience in helping business owners like you keep their buildings at a comfortable temperature year round, even in Pittsburgh’s cold winter climate.

Contact us today to get started on the HVAC rooftop system fit for your commercial needs! Our dedicated team of HVAC professionals know how to get your building and staff feeling and working better in no time!