The maintenance of your commercial AC is a vital part of its smooth operation. Productivity lowers without temperature control and good ventilation.

Paying attention to indicators of wear and tear is important. Should your AC’s maintenance be ignored and left to run without care, you could be paying for its speedy repair sooner than expected.

Let’s face it; every business is amiss without a properly functioning AC system. For tips to keep yours running as smooth as fresh air, consider the four great tips listed below.

Regular Placement of Air Filters

While the filters in your home AC system suit controlling the temperature of smaller spaces, commercial AC are built for the most demand environments.

They may be low maintenance and built to last, but that’s no excuse for not changing them out regularly.

It is recommended that commercial air filters be replaced every three months. For the more stringent maintainers, every 1500 hours of operating suffices for their replacement.

Clearing Vents of Debris

ACs, even commercial ones, need a little help keeping the air clean and breathable. Did you know that dirt and debris can build up on your AC system’s vents? This can deeply affect your air quality and heighten repair costs in the long term.

To avoid damage to your commercial AC system and reduce long-term repair costs, ensure the vents of your AC systems get a good clean periodically.

This goes a long way towards prolonging the life of your system as well.

Outdoor condenser coils kept accessible

For simple and more effective cleaning of your condenser coils, it is advised that you keep them accessible.

In need of space or aesthetics, some tend to ensure these are out of sight and out of reach. While this may prove pleasing to the eye, it renders the condenser coils inaccessible and harder to clean.

Remember, the effectiveness of your AC system depends heavily on how clean it is. The coils are especially important because they separate the heat from the refrigerant, cooling the air.

Dirt and debris building around these coils is normal, but so too should cleaning them. Dirt impedes clean airflow, making your system work harder to produce air at the temperature you desire.

Ensuring the coil is exposed makes it easier to hose down and keep it free of debris.

Get an expert to look at it every now and then

While no one wants to fork out the cost of an expensive repair team, ensuring that a professional has a look at your AC is the best way to keep it in mint condition.

In fact, for much better convenience and results, it is strongly recommended that you get a professional clean and maintenance check.

Neglecting such essential practices in the name of saving costs ultimately leads to much more expenses. With a little cash spent, a professional now saves tons of cash from the replacement of a busted AC.

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